Aquarium System

By · Friday, November 13th, 2009

Aquarium System

Although the water changes and good quality food to decrease the chance of fish disease, fish keepers must always know how to treat common diseases in aquarium fish freshwater. There are many diseases that can attack the fish and although some of these diseases are rare, others are more common. In this article will explain in detail everything you need to know about the treatment of common diseases in aquarium fish.

Disease in fish
Aquariums contain many of the parasites that cause diseases such as hexadecimal, ich, hole in the head disease, velvet and dropsy. Fish that are immune healthy system fight off these parasites, but the fish are stressed get affected by these parasites. Water changes and good food ensure fish have a strong immune system.

Ich Treatment
Ich also known as white patches from the main symptom of this disease is spots white on the body of the affected fish. The fish that are affected by their bodies ich zero frequency and crystal decorations that makes secondarily infected wounds. Treatment of this disease is to raise water temperature 2 to 3 degrees and use 1 teaspoon per gallon salt water aquarium. If the affected fish does not improve with this course of treatment Use of malachite green or methylene blue to treat the fish.

The treatment of Hole In The Head
Hole in head is due to many factors, but the cause most common being poor water. The main symptom of this disease is a hole in the front of the fish. Angelfish, Oscar and the disc is often affected by this disease. The treatment of this disease consists in improving water quality by changing 30% water every 2 days for 1 month. By changing the water must also use 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per liter of water. After the disease has been cured must continue to maintain water quality for fish are not affected by this disease again. A Marcyn combination medication is sometimes used to treat the hole in the head disease.

The treatment of dropsy
Edema of fish is due to bacteria and dropsy symptoms include a bloated belly and scales that stick out like a pineapple when she looked up. This disease is considered serious and difficult to treat if not caught early. Treatment for dropsy is to use Epsom salt to extract water from the body of the fish. The drugs against bacteria as teramycin also be used but antibiotics should be used if Epsom salt does not work.

Assembling a First Aid Kit for Fish
His first aid kit for treatment of common diseases in aquarium fish aquarium should contain salt, Marcyn I, II Marcyn, teramycin, metronidazole and Epsom salt. You must replace the drugs when you use and replace the drugs that have expired.

While the treatment of common diseases in aquarium fish in part should change the water once to keep nitrate levels in the control. It is important to remember that copper-based drugs to kill invertebrates, plants and scale of less fish so these medications should be used cautiously.

Jason MacParland is a freshwater aquarium expert. For more great information on home freshwater aquariums, visit to learn more about setting up and maintaining a home freshwater aquarium.

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