Aquarium Tank

By · Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Aquarium Tank

If you go to any forum online comply the marine aquarium, or, we all say the same. Always quarantine new specimens. While well intentioned, not all have performed this procedure in practice, since it is usually a long process, but simple in general.

Why we need a quarantine tank. Fish that are collected in the wild can enter the trade with a variety of marine pests and diseases. Some of them were hired in their habitat or exporters / importers storage tank. Marine parasites, in particular, can be very dangerous, as they spread very quickly in an aquarium closed.

These parasites have a very short life cycle and breed like rabbits in captivity. If there is a considerable amount of fish in the aquarium, the possibility exists they all become infected over time. Which usually means large losses at the end of the day. So to avoid such situations, we need a quarantine tank.

So what is a quarantine tank? The quarantine tank is where it gets all new marine aquarium fish that has recently elected to the pet store. You are not going to dump directly into the display tank as this can be very dangerous for the current inhabitants. A tank of adequate size should be used and depends much the size of the newly acquired sample.

A biological filter is necessary to ensure t waste produced by the treated fish are canceled in some time. Something as simple as a block in the crucible with the ceramic rings or other biological media should be just fine. The pH and temperature of the water tank should reflect the main display, as the fish will work after the treatment period. Decoration should be sparse, with some pieces of PVC pipe used for provide shelter.

You also need medications against parasites of some kind, along with other types to fight disease and infections funagl if any. Since these are new examples of the first house, this is where you will teach a fish to eat food and acclimate to life in captivity.

For a detailed write up in the Quarantine Tank and common marine parasites like Marine Ich and Marine velvet, do pay a visit to the authors website. The website focuses primarily on marine aquarium fish that are popular in the trade today.

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