Aquarium Terrarium

By · Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Aquarium Terrarium
How can I lower the temperature in a terrarium without lowering the temperature for brumation?

I don'town snakes and now, but just for future reference .. How could I be able to lower the temperature. terrarium in a pink boa (glass aquarium) at 55-65 F., while the room is usually in the low to mid-seventies, by brumation winter? Yes, but then the tank just below room temperature .. We need to reach lower.

Firstly, are you thinking of breeding these snakes? Because unless there is no need to make your snake hibernation. You might want to kill him, if not really know what they're doing, and by that I mean, have experience in dealing with the techniques of hibernation and conditions. That said, Do you own a thermostat? Lower it. Http: / / / herp_photoperiod_hibernation_brumation.php They talk about it there. Most articles will tell whether this is a risky business, and benefits are discussed. They also say it is not safe to do all the time. Depends on the snake is going to have. So please, think about whether or not it is really necessary. Especially since a snake so little to slow the fall and winter, however, is essentially natural. But brumation induced can be dangerous.


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