Aquarium Thermometer

By · Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Aquarium Thermometer
How do you stick the thermometer in aquarium?

I do not know how to hit the aquarium.

If it is a peel and stick, off the backing paper and stick it to one side (outside) (not the front) of the tank so as not to obstruct the view of the front tank. Usually placed midway on the right side to measure the temperature at the center of the tank. I have 25 tanks, I always put in place to make it easier to find. It may be a thermometer flotation, in that case, just pop into the tank. You are always looking for it, though, to see what the temperature is. They never stay in the front tank. If you have a suction cup, to dip (water tank, no no licking) and paste it into the tank, near the top, where you can see. If it is an aluminum pole with a thermometer attached, which hang over the edge of the tank so that the thermometer is on the inside of the tank pointing so you can read.

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