Aquarium Ultra

By · Monday, August 24th, 2009

Aquarium Ultra
Does anyone know where I can find a very nice aquarium post? No industrial looking, but furniturey?

I've been looking for a good time for a Nice aquarium stand. I do not want something that looks cheap or mass produced. I'd like something to compare with the appearance of fine furniture and old. I've been looking Internet, but have only found type ultra-modern or rustic looking pieces. We're buying somewhere around a 150 gallon tank so it will have to be quite large. Thanks for all your help!

I had my support for my 44 gal corner tank custom made by a company that makes kitchen counters and closets. Mica is covered by a gray gravel, and has a 6 with the theme "superior, so that seems very" finished ". I only gave them the dimensions of the tank and told them how much it would weigh (8 pounds per gallon) and so did the rest. It cost me $ 300.00, and am very happy with it. I than almost any cabinets to store the move could take a position comfortable for you.

Episode 44 pt3, Installing an Ultra Violet Sterilizer, LA Fi

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