Aquatic Plant

By · Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Aquatic Plant
That the laboratory of photosynthesis in elodea, must be elodea or an aquatic plant or any plant to do?

I really have no time to fetch or elodea plant now, so I really need to know if you can work with just regular flower leaves. If not, does anyone have any idea to another laboratory of photosynthesis can do or where to find one?

There is a procedure punched leaf discs of spinach leaves. With a punch is used about 5 mm in diameter. The leaf discs are placed in a solution of baking soda diluted in a side arm flask. A vacuum is pulled inside the bottle, cut the gap and repeat the process until all leaf discs are placed at the bottom of the flask. The discs (five at a time) are placed in a petri dish with sodium bicarbonate. A bright light is placed over the Petri dish and on. As the discs begin to photosynthesis, the disc will float to the surface. Record the time for each disc and take an average. The shorter flotation time the faster the rate of photosynthesis. You can vary the intensity of light, the amount of carbonate, the color of light and temperature. If the light source used is hot, you may have had a glass of water in a retaining ring over the petri dish as an absorber of heat. I have used this procedure over the years I have taught biology at community colleges. It takes more equipment and time, but well done, provides much better information than Elodea. If you have a local pet store or tropical fish store, Elodea is usually available.

Aquatic Plants

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