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By · Sunday, February 1st, 2009

My change of salinity of water as it evaporates does?

I have had my reef aquarium water in place of salt for about 6 months and until recently have been using a hydrometer. And always clean water is added each time topping off the tank. But now that I bought a refractometer with ATC, I just noticed it next. I had a chance of water about 4 days ago. I have a normal density of 1.024. There is probably about 3 / 4 to 1 gallon evaporated from now, and my refractometer still reads 1024. If you clean up with water, the salinity will drop. This doesn't make much sense to me. I have reviewed the entire system for leaks and there is none. I calibrated precision refractometer salinity calibration fluid. Any idea why my salinity seems uneffected as it evaporates? that normally would agree, but as I said, gave me a completely new and refractometer calibrated and works well. So why not.

Just to check, when using the liquid Pinpoint, which calibrate the refractometer at 35 ppt (no salinity specific gravity)? I tried to calibrate with distilled water, too, just to see what result obtained. Distilled water should give a reading of 0. If you can check your refractometer to one that is already calibrated, I would suggest that in addition to treat. It also very important to clean the lens after each use to prevent inaccurate results. As I'm sure you know when the tank evaporates, the salinity or specific gravity will be raised. Topped with fresh water will lower the salinity or specific gravity, making it a rare problem you are experiencing. If calibration is correct, and you have verified the results with other refractometer calibration can only be a bad unit. Greetings

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