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By · Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Auto Fish

You've probably had the spam or heard about Acai Berry – will help you lose weight, keep cancer at bay, cure heart disease and 101 other ailment curing properties.

We wish it were true, but is not, of course. Here are the facts about this natural product and type of products on the market today:

Some Acai Berry Can Cure Disease?

There is no medical test that can cure any disease. Let no one immediately. Any person who otherwise is likely that speculation for its own benefit.

Acai Berry Where I Come From?

The berry is the fruit of the palm tree of Acai. The tree is mainly grown for their berries now due to the large market that has grown the number of years. The palm is native throughout central and south America with Brazil and Peru.

What The Acai Berry and how they are used for drinks before / Supplements?

It is a small, round fruit, black / purple color about an inch in diameter – The size of a grape, but more round. It also has less pulp of a grape.

In Amazonia is an important part of your diet and does a large percentage of their total food consumption. They use the juice and pulp of the fruit and eaten in sweet and sour foods. It is also popular in the ice and is now also used in liqueurs. Currently contributes significantly to their local economy as well.

What is Sambazon Acai Berry & How is it different from others?

Sambazon Acai Berry is different in many ways. The most obvious way is better than most is that it is an entire meal powder instead of extract. If you check the label of most Acai supplements you will see there is a fruit extract.

Sambazon Acai Berry is organic and consists of only fruit powder – not extracted in any way. Prepared in the tropical jungle that is harvested using a thermal drying process. It is USDA certified organic, also remember.

Sambozan Acai Berry products are now available in the UK from Peak Nutrition and we make no claim of curing diseases and we don’t autoship or auto-charge either – unlike some/many we won’t mention! Purchase in confidence from a UK company serving UK and EU customers for many years.

Peak Nutrition have been in business since 2004 and have over 100,000 UK customers. They have over 500 health and beauty products online.

You can find more here

Grand Theft Auto 3: Mission #22 – “Blow Fish”

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