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By · Friday, January 9th, 2009

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Although it should not be too difficult for you to find a car insurance that meets their needs, as mentioned in the title, some concepts wrong.

If you search Google with the term "car insurance" you'll find tons of information related to that keyword. Perhaps one of the reasons for choosing a good car insurance can be confusing at times so affordable – Information on the subject is so overwhelming …

As you can see, car insurance is quite complicated. Adding to the confusion, myths, it will make things easier for you to make informed decisions.

This article will give a better understanding of the basics of choosing a good car insurance company to expose the myths first.

So Here are some common myths floating around:

Myth # 1: The color of your car affect your insurance rate

A recent online survey of 1,000 drivers conducted by Drive ® Insurance from Progressive found that 25% believe that color affects your car insurance rate.

Wrong! Never mind all the time your car is blue, red, black or gold.

Reality: The information used to calculate auto insurance rates are the vehicle year, make, model, body type, engine size and so information on the driver. Not the color of your car

Myth # 2 – A traffic ticket will increase my insurance rates

No, not necessarily. A speeding ticket probably will not affect insurance rates although they vary according to which auto insurance you choose.

But being caught by the police more than three times for speeding or drive more than 50 kmh faster than the speed limit and your insurance rate will rise for sure …

Myth # 3 The accident was not my fault! I will be charged …

Do not take this statement for granted. Good, the police might have found not guilty. But his insurance company that has the last word to you. While research confirms that there is no fault Yours is better to be prepared to lose some money …

Myth # 4: My friend caused an accident with my car! Your insurance will pay for it ..

No, not true. The time of his friend caused the accident does not matter, its rate is increased demand and will appear in your record as if you had the accident.

Myth # 5 No matter what insurance company I register my car insurance rates will not differ significantly!

This could not be further from the truth. The auto insurance rates vary from company to company. Every minute spent on economic research companies car insurance can and will save you hard earned money! Sometimes several hundred dollars.

Ok, now we have disproved the common myths insurance Car and misconceptions, that was all? No way! There are many myths floating around, but here are those of the common myths and should be sufficient for you to know to make an informed decision. After all, that's why you are reading the article in the first place.

I'm sure you can find some useful links on the web that will take you to the car insurance companies affordable and / or will provide you with a free quote auto insurance to get things started.

Ryan has published several articles on how to find cheap car insurance quotes online. For more useful resources and information about car insurance, quotes & common myths & mistakes to avoid please visit his car insurance website.

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