Automatic Aquarium

By · Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Automatic Aquarium
How much salt should I put in a freshwater tank with a sick fish?

I want to make sure not to much. Do not worry, the aquarium is salt. Someone recommended him for a swim bladder problem you have. I've got what to eat peas with the hope that was just made out and he'll be well. I am very worried because I'm on spring break soon and have no one to see or care for him, only the ADF: (I hope it's not an infection. It has the exact symptoms of a swim bladder disorder, is a red cap oranda. I'm changing the food too, had other things cornstarch in it, but I used it for the whole year and not what I start having problems until recently.

For most colorful tropical fish and a spoonful of each 5 gallons to 1 teaspoon per gallon is good. EDIT: see this website: bladder # Buoyancy.html

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