Bag Sump

By · Monday, June 15th, 2009

Bag Sump
I have a 29g saltwater tank i have a skimmer and filter Pro Whisper40 just got a new goby and need help?

gobe clean my sand very well and its great, but now all my rock and some coals now have sand everywhere and the tank is not as clear as it was I got my water and make sure your fine have tried change the filter bag twice and has helped some, but not as good as it was what I can do to solve this in a new wing in the filter? (I can not make a sink or shelter because of money) what would be the best or the top of the line and how can I keep him off the coral rock and thanks? much yes, there is sand in my rock and I did a water change last week and will do so again this wee i am going to look for things we just talked about thank you very much

not sure of the problem, not turbid water? There is sand and coral rock? adding more streams, such as a powerhead, which is my favorite HYDOR, this will add to the flow of help keep things out of their corals. For clarity, depends on water parameters. Trying to clean the glass and do a water change, which should not be cloudy. For the filter, i would a header over the filtration bed better. Personally, I like how you can customize aquaclears media, which for saltwater wants some phosophate type of remover.

Carbon fibre kevlar vacuum bag composite sump guard

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