Bar Aquarium

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Bar Aquarium

In the light of its spectacular Andaman waters with their clear waters and coral reefs, rich animal and plant, first class resorts and party scene intense, Samui has also set as one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. There is much to do in the cities and out and about in the water, under water and in the forest. The monthly full moon parties that take place on a neighboring island is an absolute requirement for all full-throttle partiers. All this together makes for a first-class vacation in one of the most coveted locations in Thailand.

Giant Buddha Temple

Wat Phra Yai is Samui's Temple of the Great Buddha, with his signature Buddha statue 12 meters high. Built in 1972, this landmark temple sits on a small island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Land the temple also has a meditation center, another attraction for visitors inspired. When visiting any temple in Thailand, it is important to follow the Rules of dress and etiquette which includes the use of long pants, sleeves and removing your shoes before entering the temple today.


Beaches Samui is the most attractive, and each is known for its specific qualities. Ao Tong Takia also called Silver Beach, because the spark of bright sand and water, the Lamai beach is a popular family destination in light of water sports and activities; Choeng Mon offers superior first class accommodation in a remote environment and demonstrations Chaweng Beach as the most popular among tourists, with its peripherals of exciting activities such as Muay Thai boxing and bungee jumping.

Eating out

Nothing beats a night at a beachside restaurant where you can enjoy a leisurely dinner at the right edge of the water. Fresh fish and seafood Samui opens way for all kinds of cuisine class – either gourmet Thai food or international rates. More authentic and highly affordable Thai food can be hunted on the streets of local suppliers, and in the opinion of the locals, the spicier the better.

Parties and nightlife

The tourism industry has paved the way for a varied nightlife, which covers all districts of the major developed countries. Clubs can be found at Lamai beach, with tourists appropriation of exhibitions and performances to celebrate their interest. This is also the seedy side of the island with its fair share of go-go bars and the periphery of business that comes along with it. Live bands and bars a bit more luxury and clubs can be found in Chaweng Beach. A more relaxed scene is in Big Buddha Beach with an environment Western style and expatriate-owned establishments.

Full Moon Festival

Even if they have not attended one, almost all visitors to Samui will know the famous Full Moon parties held once a month in the neighboring island of Pha Ngan. Local water taxi attendees to this island in preparation for the pulsating party all night anger in honor of the full moon. There are a variety of music and street vendors take advantage of their corner on the market by selling all kinds Souvenir, food and other ingestible at exorbitant prices. The popularity of this monthly party has led to the addition of weekend games to score more less memorable phases of the moon cycle.


There are several waterfalls in Samui that many tourists choose to visit. Fall Na Muang 1 flows over a very high cliff and pours in rock pool; While not ideal for swimming, it makes for a wonderful landscape. His accountant, Fall Na Muang 2, also is nearby and is easily accessible to groups Elephant cyclists and walkers. Another option is to head to Hin Lat Fall, which is a great place to enjoy a fresh drop of fresh water for a change of pace from the swimming in the ocean.


Koh Samui is world class diving destination and fabulous coral reefs are a great opportunity for all skill levels. Beginners can enroll in accredited training courses in many dive shops in Bo Phut, Chaweng and Lamai. More qualified divers prefer Rock sailing diving Ang Thong National Marine Park, a stunning archipelago of 40 islands that has a pristine natural environment. The ultimate diving destination in Thailand, Koh Tao is not far either.

Excursion to the south

If you are looking for an escape from the hectic tourist scene, head to the south side of Samui, where forests of coconut trees and quiet fishing villages Muslims have prevented the development that has come upon the rest of the island. It is possible to find a secluded beach spend a few hours, and not also some unique temples chedis to investigate.

Adventure sports

Adventure sports are a pastime of every day in Samui. The entire family will appreciate elephant rides in a jungle setting, and multiple agencies can arrange tours. Nearer the city, children will spending some time in the karting circuit. Samui Shooting Range is located in Chawang, as is the Pavilion of bungee jumping. The latter is outside the road beach, near the Reggae Bar.

Wildlife observation

The exhibition of wildlife in Samui ranges of insects and butterflies on the Farm Butterflies to wild buffalo fights under local stadiums. There is a snake farm, crocodile farm and an aquarium all on the main island. The nearby Ang Thong Park National Marine has wild gibbons living in the lush jungle vegetation amid lagoons and limestone cliffs.

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