Bar Floor

By · Friday, September 25th, 2009

Bar Floor
I bar in south-east corner of my house is two steps down. Is it okay if not then please suggest a remedy?

I've actually done a very good bar in the east-south corner of my vastu house.these day is very active, just days before some of my friends came to my house and told my bar is in position incorrect and it is two steps down, he said this is again wrong and sugest me to raise my bar at ground level. I am very confused because every body here shows that he is an expert in Vastu. please guide me in the right direction.

PUT UP THROUGH THE COMBAT ZONE WHERE THE LADDERS START. CAN COMBAT be hinged on one side and up and hooked on OTHER.THE AGREEMENT CAN BE used to place drinks, etc.. (SERVICE AREA) People should not have to navigate STAIRS. It also marks the leading edge of each STAIR W / white paint VISIBLE IN LOW LIGHT.

The Bar-Kays – Freakshow On The Dance Floor

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