Beautiful Plastic

By · Monday, March 30th, 2009

Beautiful Plastic

That finally did. You wanted to get rid of those annoying love handles for years and finally got liposuction. Why? Because no amount of diet and exercise worked. The move not only fat and therefore went to a cosmetic surgeon for help.

If it was worth the procedure is not cheap. The average cost is $ 1800, but the treatment site and size of the area ultimately determines the cost. Also, if you have multiple areas that need treatment, no additional charges. Now that he has done is to you to maintain results. Here are some important tips to ensure that no just throw your hard earned money away:

1. Follow your surgeon's post-op instructions

You should take several days off, with minimal movement. If you overdo it, can cause bleeding, increased swelling and tearing. Also, be sure to wear compression garments that cover the areas treated until your surgeon gives the OK to remove them.

Reduce inflammation and bleeding to facilitate recovery. Take your pain medication and ointments established use or creams only surgeon. No ice in the area. Even if you feel better, take the recommended 7-10 days before resuming normal activities.

2. Diet and Exercise

This is a truism for all, if they have had liposuction or not. Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise burns calories to avoid become fat. This is essential because, despite liposuction permanently removes fat cells, the procedure does not prevent the formation of new cells in the same place and elsewhere.

Another key component is water. Water not only keep you hydrated, which is good for the health of your skin, but also flushes your system. Eat plenty of fiber also keeps the system clean and functioning normally. When you eat foods that are good for you and you are active, it feels good everywhere.

3. Delete (or at least moderate) of smoking and drinking

It is no secret that smoking is bad for the body. Damages the lungs and cause cardiovascular problems. As a result of poor cardiovascular and respiratory health, but also inhibits the exercise. Smokers are more sedentary than are burning fewer calories during the day.

Alcoholic drinks are also harmful to the body, damaging the liver, and affecting the heart. But in the short term, non-alcoholic drinks are loaded with empty calories of sugar into fat. There is something that the label of "belly beer. "Also, people tend to eat more snacks and while drinking.

For sure to get the results you want, before liposuction be sure to choose the right doctor. He must be board certified and licensed to perform the procedure. You should also feel comfortable with it. During consultation, ask questions and be very clear about your expectations. Once you have the right surgeon, the results should reflect their experience and knowledge. Once done, it's up to you to keep your new figure more shapely and slender.

Seattle liposuction surgeon recommends this procedure as part of a physician-controlled medication, diet, and exercise program, with this surgery aimed at permanent removal of a large portion of the most resistant sites. Visit to find out your options.

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