Bio Balls

By · Friday, February 13th, 2009

Bio Balls
Instead of Bio Filter Balls in My Trickle?

What can I use instead of Bio Balls, because I heard that they are difficult to clean and such, what would be better.

You can use live rock instead of bio-balls for biological filtration, but as myspiderungoliant said, if you have enough live rock in your tank, do not need. Bio-balls are great in the conversion of nitrites to nitrates, but the rock has anaerobic deep into the rock, which will remove the nitrates, together with nitrites and ammonia. refugium wanted to create a place with a deep sand bed (3 + inches of aragonite fine sand) and Chaetomorpha algae.

Episode 59 pt 1, Cleaning Bio-Balls in a Wet Dry Trickle Fil

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