Bio Cube

By · Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Bio Cube
What should I use to cover my filter?

This question is for anyone who owns an aquarium Bio Cube. I use my 29 gallon fish tropical, but the problem now and then a fish swims in the area of engine and is chopped into pieces. I just made a contraption by a cover of old Tupperware and saran wrap. I do not know what else to do b / c I have to make sure water can flow. Any suggestions? Step by step instructions would help. Thank you!

I have a bucket of Bio. Are you talking about the slots in the back of the tank to use? If so, any hardware store will sell the mesh plastic used for doors and how to stop mosquitoes and other insects. Cut the appropriate size and use some silicon to adhere in place. In my cube I have horses Bio sea and I had to do this when I started mating and childbirth.

My Mini Reef Bio Cube

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