Boat Ornament

By · Friday, July 31st, 2009

Boat Ornament

Drying flowers is a way to keep memories of an event or place for a long time. If they are flowers of a bridal bouquet or your garden, drying flowers is easy to do. When harvesting flowers for drying, the best time is in the morning before the sun has had the opportunity to make the flowers warm. Cut a good length of stem flowers, as you can always remove it no longer required. The drying method used depends on the type of flower and craft projects that will do. Air drying works and more resistant flowers like statice, marigolds, strawflowers and decorative seed pods. The most robust of the head of the flower, rather than dry air. Separate flowers in groups of 8 or 10 stems. Remove diseased leaves that you see on the stems. Package A group of offspring and the use of a rubber band at the end of the stems to keep them together. Make sure the rubber band is very tight. As the flowers dry, the stems will shrink and the rubber band will shrink with them. You also want to make sure that the stems are long enough so that the tops of the flowers were not broken together when the stems are rubber bands. Now we just have to hang the flowers upside down. You Use paper clips, string, wire hangers (decryption) or florist wire. Connect the hook to the rubber band and hang in a dry place away from sunlight direct. Depending on the flower will take two weeks or so to dry completely.

You can also use silica gel to dry your flowers. (Gel Silica is the material that you find in your shoe box in little packets). It removes moisture from flowers without crushing them. This works very well for flowers delicate as hydrangeas, roses, carnations and asters. You can buy silica gel at any craft store. All you need is an airtight box (preferably plastic) and silica gel. Make a layer of gel at the bottom of the container. Place flowers in the top of the bed and gently sprinkle the silica gel the flowers until they are covered. With a spoon works best for this to get the gel in cracks without crushing the flowers. Cover the box and wait 48 hours. That's it! Gel Silica works very fast and the flowers have color. The great thing about is that silica gel can be reused. Just place the silica gel in a tray bake in oven at 200 degrees to dry all over again.

For more natural appearance of dried flowers, try glycerine. This is really preserving and not drying but the results are wonderful. The foliage of the stems will stay bright green and the flowers will be a little more robust. Prepare the stems, removing the bottom leaves. You may want to thread a piece of florist wire into the flower head to avoid the fallen, or tie the stem to some type of support such as a skewer. Mix one part liquid glycerine to 1 part hot water for fresh flowers and one part glycerin to two parts water for woody stems. Submerge the stem end only into this mix. This process may take 2 to three weeks, replace any absorbed solution. Once retained, remove and rinse the stems, then wipe any mixture which could have leaked from leaves.

There you go – three different ways to dry your flowers. Try all three methods and the resulting mixture of flowers in your craft projects for a substantive agreement of several!

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