Booster Pump

By · Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Booster Pump
Can anyone help me find a way to calculate the rate of flow in pipes and pump the pump head water transfer?

Can someone help me find a way to calculate the rate of flow in pipes of different materials and different day. I also know how to calculate the transfer Head for the transfer of the water pump and booster pumps. I searched a lot on the net but havent got the formula of the straight. Can anyone help out.tks. Sandhya.

Not sure of the exact information you want, but Rainbird (irrigation). Com has a table of pipe sizes of different irrigation pipes through 6 inches in the back of your catalog that shows the rates of flow and friction loss in plastic and iron pipes. Catalog search, then go to reference on your site to view this information. Southern California Edison Hydraulic Services division provides evidence of the irrigation pump in its jurisdiction and whether Mike Poortenga contacts in his office 909 820 5159 may be able to help you find the information you want on your pumps.

Booster Pumps in Action

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