Branch Plane

By · Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Branch Plane
Which branch of service is not really like being in the army? Is the Air Force?

that never seem to fight anyone, just introduces a few bombs on people and play games with their Predator drone murderer hey gabe, the Air Force did not exist until after the 2nd World War, so I have no idea what they're talking about I mean that seems fun and all, but perhaps a new paint job

Yes, the AF seems more relaxed. Yes, the AF does not always have a front seat in combat missions. But … they serve a purpose, have a job to do, and are professional soldiers in every way. People of Special Operations that some referred to Refuelers for developers, for the attacker and combatants, and even children sitting in missile silos. Our approach fueling theater to refuel U.S. military planes to be recharged. Troops Thank ground combatants and terrorists who have helped clean up the areas first so that they could then go and do their work. My own father was in combat comm …. than establish any military communications systems for the other branches could enter a chat among themselves. Then there are those of SF that are there in the country in danger. Our boys who leave their own career to serve alongside the Army as reinforcements for the convoys. And do not forget that ran all airstrips in central Baghdad before anyone else, even in our boys would do their job and do it well. Marina wifey …. you must show respect for their husbands brothers in arms. I never speak ill of any of our men and women in uniform. Many of them see more action than ever sailors!

plane hits cow (with slow motion)… “Cows” by the Suburbs

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