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By · Friday, July 31st, 2009

Bubble Counter

1. What is the key to the cabinet doors as level as possible? The key is the leveling and fatten the cabinets during installation. Sure take your time during this process. But no matter how careful and accurate that is, it is still necessary for final adjustments to the hinges of the doors.

2. The most important tool. In order to properly hang your cabinets, you need a high quality level or laser leveling. No matter what so you think you are correct, you just can not "observe" this project.

3. Checking your level. You can not buy the cheapest level and we hope do the work. The cheapest is the level, the less accurate it could be. Make sure the level you choose a high quality level. Take good care of your level. An alignment level can be damaged if dropped or beaten. Make sure the screws on your level (if you've chosen one adjustable) are tight. A good rule to follow is that tube fluid to move. Otherwise, the alignment of the level can be turned off.

4. Accuracy. Make sure your level of control. To check the accuracy of their level of:
-Place the level on a flat surface (wall, table, counter top or floor)
"Controlling the level of horizontal alignment of
-Check the level of vertical alignment
-To check the alignment, note the exact location of the leveling bubble
-Turn the level of the other direction, to see if the bubble is in the same place
"So the level to be exact, the leveling bubble should be in the same place

5. Height. To hang cabinets are level, decide on a hill early. Put a line that the cabinets are to be hung. This is leveling line. Obviously, you must ensure that this line is completely flat.

6. Finding the studs. Before hanging up their cabinets, you need to pre-drill holes. First, it is necessary to locate each wall stud. A good quality-stud-finding tool will help in this process. It is necessary to check pre-drilling holes through the hanging bar cabinet. These holes are aligned directly with the wall studs.

7. Placement cabinet. Next, you need to place the cabinet into position on the wall. To ensure that your cabinets be level, will take place at clubs with the support of the cabinets. These clubs will ensure that the cabinets of stay level, while the end of the pre-installation process. Once all the cabinets have been put in place, check to see if they are level and plumb. You can also place a temporary screw in the cabinet to hold it in place.

8. Recheck the level. It is now time to corroborate the horizontal and plumbness cabinet. Place the level at the edge of the box. Is it completely level? It will also be necessary to put the level at several positions in front of the cabinet. Are all these positions at a vertical level? You may want to use wooden shims. Wooden wedges can have the cabinet in place to ensure which is the level and plumb.

9. Secure the cabinet. After checking the leveling and plumbness cabinet, it's time to secure to the wall. Use the screws or other fastenings. You do not want to complete this step until you are sure that the cabinet is completely level and plumb.

10. Repeat this process for all the wall cabinets. Remember that putting base cabinets, wooden wedges will take place along the wall and floor to ensure that the cabinet is level and plumb. Shims must be placed in any gaps between the wall and the back of the cabinet. A good rule of thumb is to place shims on each bolt. This will ensure that the cabinet is not twisted.

11. Adjustment. Once all the cabinets have been secured, it is time to refine the whole project. Use the screw adjustment of the door to line the doors of the best. Screw the hinges of the door will help prevent the doors of the deformation.

You can hang cabinets yourself. The key is take your time and review all their work. His best friend in this whole process is a good quality level. Follow the steps in this tutorial to make sure that your cabinets are hung properly for you.

Tony Rohlik is an expert in cabinetry and has been installing cabinets for over a decade. Tony’s specialty is installing and renovating kitchen cabinets.

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