Bulb Fish

By · Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Bulb Fish

Nothing seems better than a clear glass aquarium saltwater. Unfortunately, the owners of saltwater fish can not get rid of cloudy water and never really clear marine aquariums. The following tips will help you understand why water saltwater aquarium is cloudy and what you can do to make it clear again.

Why What saltwater fish tank water is cloudy

There are two main reasons that your fish tank salt water will be cloudy. These two reasons are the growth of bacteria and excess waste in the water

The bacteria are the direct result of over feeding fish or more of your storage tank. The excess waste, for many fish and cause decomposition of fish food will break down and feed the bacteria.

In both waste water usually comes from filters that are not strong enough or are not cleaned frequently enough to do a good job.

Making Your Marine Aquarium clear water again

First consider the amount of fish you have in your tank. You really should only have an average size of fish per every 8-10 liters of tank volume. If you have a lot more of it may have to remove one or two saltwater fish for levels of population back within an acceptable range.

Also be sure to turn off all pumps and filters to the feed and add it to your fish and add slowly food. This will give the fish the best chance to get all food and will not fly around.

Take a look at your filter system as well and ensure of filters which have qualified for the tank size you have. If they are to small you may need to upgrade to more efficient filters.

Make sure to clean the filter at least every two weeks to dispose of waste and residues caught fish can be added to the growth of bacteria. It is possible need to clean more often if you are a bit underpowered.

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