Bulb Lamp

By · Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Bulb Lamp
Is there anyway to change a light bulb in a lava lamp?

My lava lamp bulb burning (at least I think so, because no light) and was wondering if there's anyway to replace (or fix).

If it is a normal lava lamp, unplug it, and you should be capable of lifting the "lava" of glass (be careful and put it somewhere to take it carefully and not from above but understand with both hands around for the most part because many of them with the top is not 100% guaranteed) – and at the base there should be a light bulb. If it is a kind of lava lamp, you might have to look Online how to take apart, or somehow figure out how to unscrew / remove the glass portion of the base. I've never met a lava lamp bulb not Replaceable – so I'm sure there's a way to separate the pieces. Typically, bulbs device is what is there, but basically, once you unscrew the bulb, take a good look at him, the power / voltage must be printed at the top or the bulb, or along its base. Even if not, you can take the focus to a lighting / hardware store and get that match up. Once you have a replacement, then put the new and then again Plug and play. If it still does not work, then the light of lava could be dead and you can decide if it's worth getting a new one or pay to fix it. (Try to find a hardware store lighting can do this for a decent price.)

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