Bulb Marine

By · Friday, February 5th, 2010

Bulb Marine
Coral shrimp bands HELP?

Well well, I have a bucket of 14 liters bio, with a clown fish, so today introduced a banded coral shrimp in the tank today and I wondered if the banded coral shrimp kill my clownfish! Well, today I create a 5.5-liter for marine tank with live sand heater only and a filter and a Coralife bulb, how long until you can put the shrimp in the shell of 5.5 liters??? I just want to do this if it will hurt my clownfish!

It will not eat clownfish. They are peaceful with clownfish. However, another problem. You are overstocking. Should be on a 30-gallon tank so do not sit tight. CC

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