Bulb Tetra

By · Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Bulb Tetra
im having problems with my aquarium ….?

I can not find a way to get enough watts per gallon in my tank, 29 gallons of fresh water from the community! My plan is to make it a planted aquarium soon so I need more light …. I and 18 "tubes that I believe is 15 watts …. I would not, but everything new bell ….* watevr light or where are some good places to find fleurescent compact lights for an aquarium? * Like that lands on the side of the aquarium or a pendant. * Also what is a good brand of bulb full spectrum of light? * I am also having trouble deciding what to get fish … I have 4 guppies, tetras 5glolite, 2 prawns, 1 turtle, 1 African dwarf frog, plan on getting 2.3 Otos to help keep the tank algae free when I have all the plants. I want the fish to almost every American South or Mexico (which the general area thats whats )….* other fish in the area that would be through good swimming rox driftwood and plants? * * What is also a good way to get more of the leak in my tank? *

What I did before I was willing to spend money on light well, I went to the hardware store and has a double sided screw in the light socket. ($ 2) and 2 screws in compact fluorescent bulbs. (about $ 6 each) I describe how I set it up with pictures, but it's really hard to do on Yahoo, because you can not post photos.

Black Neon Tetras 10 gallon tank

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