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By · Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Bulb Turbo
Help creating saltwater tank?

Ok I have had the tank running for 2 weeks, is a 29Gal with a Bio wheel filter. I added 2 fish this week, a clown and other small fish, 3 hermit crabs, turbo snail, and a starfish black. I live sand, and 6 kilos of lava rock, and Fiji live rock. Will the spread of live rock to rock live and not how long it takes, also was looking to put some coral in the tank at some point, What is the best lighting to use and what is the best place to shop, fish store near my house lights sold $ 129.00 for 2 bulb created. It is a skimmer necessary? This is my first test with salt water, I have a few years experience with freshwater. 75Gal now I have a freshwater tank. Well, how can help the tank at this point, any good advice?

Yes, the colonies will be extended to the rock Nonlive. How long depends on the size. It is a slow process. No matter, because your tank is probably going to crash. Lava rock is often bad for the marine aquarium. Often, it contains iron, which leeches into the water. Freshwater fish can tolerate low concentrations, marine fish usually can not, and marine invertebrates will be gone in no time. It is also a silicate rock, which combines with hydrogen ions, which lowers the pH dramatically. The freshwater fish can tolerate levels of acidity, no marine fish can handle. Saltwater invertebrates need water even more difficult. It also should not have had all marine life away. Living just 1-2 at a time. It is as if the cycle a couple of weeks, and colonies can handle any load. Colonies of bacteria need time to settle and grow with the biol. Expect your ammonia and nitrite levels to sky rocket. The clown can survive that (which is a very hardy fish), the other fish could, depending on what it is. Invertebrates probably die. I would say that a ship is required for most marine deposits. My new tank has been running for a couple of months, has a biolo very low and I'm still empty the cup twice a week. Finally, the corals require intense light. The details are discussed, but the general consensus Metal halide is that multiple different spectra of the way to go. Expect to pay several hundred dollars. You also have to invest in some form the cooling system by the heat they emit. Corals also require strong currents to survive. I hope your system whenever. I do not mean to be the bearer of such bad news, but I'm trying to say things as they are. Please aquarium marine research a little further and start quarantining its action (not 2 weeks is a sufficient period). The best resources, I believe, are easy to find: "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" by Bob Fenner, and "The New Marine Aquarium "by Michael Paletta

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