Bulbs Tetra

By · Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Bulbs Tetra
Is it possible in a planted aquarium for your bio-filter to die?

I was thinking today while I was looking in my tank Tetra, that if there enough plants there, they could starve the bio-filter? My tank is heavily planted Tetra. Have a good stock of fish, however, ammonia, nitrites and nitrate test always 0 since replacing my light bulbs with 6700K. I know that plants absorb nitrogen almost anything, and my plants pearl a lot, so going to get good levels of everything .. What do you think? If I were to remove all my plants, would see a spike in ammonia or nitrite? Could be devouring ammonia plants beneficial bacteria and stealing their food and causing it to die? I run an air pump with stones from the bubble at night to keep CO2 levels in check when the lights are off:) No way I'm going to add ammonia to an aquarium with fish in it! Too risky: D

To some extent, yes. It is unlikely ever going to kill all bacteria in the cycle, and things will find their own balance with bacteria and plants absorb each of the ammonia. If you make any changes Sudden configuration and possession of your tank of course can alter the nitrogen cycle, but only if the changes are not large or sudden fast tank re-adjusted. Ian

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