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By · Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Bulk Pond
Should I quit?

I'm entering my senior year in high school and have been playing baseball all my life. During my third year I hit .330 at the plate and started taking the game seriously and I've been working every day and hitting. The only problem is that I havent even sniffed by a college scout. However, last summer I played legion ball and hit .400 and played solid in the outfield. It is my dream to go play in a good college and after college to prolong my baseball career in the majors. But I know that the odds. If I go to play on a d3 college, nor I have no shot whatsoever or give me my dream. Another problem I have is my size right now I'm in topical 5 10 and only weigh about 150 and not have that much in bulk me. Do I have a real chance to become that good someday if I play through college? People who have seen me play now would not have no shot. I feel like a small fish in a big pond and that no matter how hard I try I'll never reach it

If you go to a D-3 school, then we still have a chance. If you do very well there, you can transfer schools. If you stay there still scouts will notice you. Some players are drawn from high school even though they have never hit .300. There are so many rounds in the MLB draft that is easy to get drafted if you have the skill, even mediocre. If you really want to do, then you should keep playing and working hard all year.


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