Bulkhead Fitting

By · Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Bulkhead Fitting

Do you have a large patio garden with water? If this is the case, I will have to walk to the center of the pond every time you want to adjust your pump or cleaning the mechanical filter. That's why skimmers pond is recommended for larger water gardens (over 1,000 liters in volume).

The purpose of a pond skimmer is to remove leaves, twigs and other debris that normally accumulate on the surface of the pond, or inside your mechanical filter in the middle of the lagoon. A pond skimmer not only provides a filter basket and a secondary mechnical filtration equipment, pond skimmers but also provide housing for your pump. From a pool hall is conveniently next to your pond, you never have to get into the middle of your pool pump to adjust or clean the filter.

An example of a pond skimmer is unity 5000 Algreen gallon. Unlike other pond skimmers, pond skimmer Algreen is quite large and measures 22 "x 22" x 16 ". Also included both a basket traps, fish-silicone network and mounting bolts, and a manufacturer's warranty for life on campus.

Pond Skimmer Installation can be very simple. As an example, the instruction sheet for Algreen Pond Skimmer shown below.

Pond Skimmer Installation-How to install Algreen's Pond Skimmer

  1. Dig a hole next to the pond and slightly larger than the pool skimmer box. Make sure the bottom of the skimmer hole is compacted and level. Move the slider in the hole and backfill. Level of the skimmer box from front to back and side to side. When you have completed the normal water level is ¾ Â "Â ½ to 1" below the top of the opening of landfill.
  2. Connect the pool skimmer to the lining of the pond. Keep the liner against the skimmer opening allowing about 1 "of extension above the top of the skimmer box. Allowing a coating bit soft opening below the landfill (the lining of the pond will settle a little after completing the installation). Mark the perimeter of the weir opening then cut a hole for a ¼ "smaller than the opening of landfill.
  3. Reassemble the landfill in the skimmer box with the lining of the pond (purchased separately) inserted between the Assembly and the dump box skimmer. Locate the two mounting holes in the corner. With an awl or a nail care through plate pre-drilled holes and dump line, where the mounting screws are located. Enter blackened screws and alignment check. The coating the pond should fit snugly.
  4. Disassemble and apply silicone sealant planned security fish to the pond skimmer box around the dam and the opening of the screw holes. Reassemble. Punch holes through the other line. Insert screws and tighten the nuts in the following order – 1. Two corners above, 2. Bottom two corners, 3. Remaining holes.
  5. Take the two barbed fittings that provide head and screws firmly into the fitting end in the back of the skimmer. To connect a waterfall pump (purchased separately) is placed the bomb in the back behind the skimmer basket and filter mat. Use Non-Kink tubing and clamps (purchased separately), connect the hose to the barb-fitting and secure with a clamp.
  6. With the flat plastic cover that is provided you may want to use landscape materials to mix into it the features of the surroundings.

Go to our online store for more information about Algreen’s pond skimmer. For more pond construction tips, go to GardenSM.com.

How to Install A BulkHead Fitting

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