Butterfly Live

By · Friday, March 27th, 2009

Butterfly Live

Five years have passed since 11 September 2001 Call for attention. After the chaos and confusion, we awoke to the realization that life is a precious gift and it is our responsibility as a citizen and human being to lead and live our best life. For most of us, that meant looking at our present state of things and the recognition of all the changes you need to do. They often know that it is important to change our lives, but do not know where to start. Change can be easy, really – By changing your thoughts can change your feelings, and therefore change their actions.

In the 21st century, we have better skills to cope with the darkness, and we are more intelligent and aware than ever before in history. Yet often has to get darker before it becomes lighter and brighter. But in the modern world need not wait until something happens to make us change. In fact, you can choose to live a change-oriented to the right, rich and fulfilling life now. To transform your life, you need to increase awareness, practice pro-activity, and live by its vision, purpose and values.

The good news is that millions of people are consciously working on themselves, actively seeking physical healing, emotional, mental and spiritual. Since we are all one, when we heal ourselves, heal others, and ultimately heal our planet. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to step up to the plate and make a contribution important for the world. To begin the process, learn about the five steps to life transformation.

Someone once said: "There is nothing about a caterpillar he says he'll be a butterfly. "This quote illustrates perfectly the change process. The butterfly is a thing of great beauty. A butterfly is completely transformed from a cocoon comfortable in a radiant entity with wings. You're like a beautiful butterfly waiting to be re-born and transformed.

Step 1: Cocoon Stage
This stage is characterized by a feeling of comfort, as they are beginning to awaken to the need for change.

You begin to realize that it could be much more and to recognize a misjudgment or dysfunctional pattern (s).

Stage 2: Stage of growth
This stage is characterized by feelings of discomfort, as you start to stretch yourself, your abilities, their environment.

Experience new ways of being and thinking and have the desire to transform yourself.

Step 3: Change Stage
This stage is characterized by feelings of panic and fear, as they are beginning to see, feel and act differently.

You have an instinct this change will be good for you, and ask the Spirit to help and provide you with guidance.

Stage 4: stage flight
This stage is characterized by feelings of confidence and courage, as they spread their wings to leave the house to find a new home.

Now he recognizes himself as being beautiful, be enthusiastic about the possibilities of the future and you just do it.

Stage 5: Conscious Stage
This stage is characterized by a feeling of inner peace and joy, as you remember and realize who you really are.

Now I understand that you are a co-creator and possess the power to be what you want to be and do what you want.

At what stage are you and what is the next best step to take to advance to follow?

*** This article Life was adapted from the eBook Transformation: How to Make Smart life changes and your soul be your guide. To: rel = "nofollow" href = "http://www.smartlifechanges.com/powerpack.htm"> http://www.smartlifechanges.com/powerpack.htm

Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed., is a Whole Life Coach, Speaker, and Author of the Get Smart! LearningBook Series, which includes books and workbooks on romantic relationships, career development, life purpose/life strategy, and stress management. Her coaching practice is Brightlight Coaching. She empowers people to live with passion, purpose, & possibility and inspires people to freely shine their brightlight to the world. To learn more or to subscribe to the Get Smart! Live Smart newsletter, Visit virtually: http://www.getsmartseries.com

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