Canister Aquarium

By · Friday, October 16th, 2009

Canister Aquarium
What type of filter I need for my filter cartridge?

im building a new tank of 46 gallons of aquarium fish and all things second hand and I have no idea how to use a filter cartridge – I've used other filters, but not as container What do I need it? It came with 4 baskets and one thing black spongy so I have to buy??? help! It is a cascade of filter cartridge and im going to have African cichlids – they need a lot of details please! thank ton!

Whatever you want! That's one of the best things can filters. You want a lot of things as bio media in there as possible. Products such as noodles ceramic foam stars, bio balls, even scrubbies plastic pot can be used. If you have a model with the baskets you can buy whatever you want to put in it, even if for a different cartridge filter. Another thing I like to add to my aquarium is fine filter pads. You will be able to purchase large sheets of 50 or 100 micron filter pads to cut to size. They are very good, are reusable, and not to divert water flow around them (such as filter floss regularly), can also be put in between the baskets, which lets you add more media bio. Most manufacturers have their manuals on the web, I'm sure you can find the manual for it if you can find. Also, if you are new cartridge filters I recommend you read about how prime a cartridge filter.

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