Canister Filter

By · Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Canister Filter

Having an aquarium in your living room adds overall attractiveness of the room making it more alive. To preserve the vitality of its aquarium filters that will waste materials will not contaminate the aquarium water that makes him look dirty and can endanger the lives of fish and marine animals in it. Different types of filters aquarium that can do the job each with advantages and disadvantages and cartridge filters are among them.

About Aquarium Canister Filters

Aquarium pot filters serve both mechanical and chemical filters that can effectively filter out huge amounts of water. They are often made of plastic, metal cans, but also are available for durability and placed outside the aquarium.

Advantages and disadvantages

Because these filters are placed outside the aquarium aquarium, more space can be enjoyed by the inhabitants and aquarium may seem more enjoyable because you can have a setting that hides the filter of the aquarium. The only problem with these filter cartridges is that they need to be cleaned more often than other models because any residue in the water can clog the filter. In the mouth, cleanliness is a bit easier since you do not have to reach into the aquarium to do your cleaning routine. It is also possible to easily disconnect the filter from the tank without disturb the inhabitants.

It is also important to be aware of the leaks to prevent leakage problem common when placed outside. However, if space not a big problem, some aquarium filter cartridge can be immersed in water. In terms of strength of filtering, more water can be filtered even some power filters on the market.

What to Look For

Canister filters consist of many parts of chemical, biological and mechanical filtration media. Some of these parts can get carry out the removal of the filtering capacity that can be bad for your tank if it occurs at the wrong time. To avoid this case, ask your local dealer if any replacement parts available if needed. Since you can expect frequent cleaning aquarium filter, ask how easy it is to clean the unit and to seek durable models to prevent leakage. Also see if the boat is equipped with quick disconnect fittings, because without them, a small leak can be done every time you disconnect and can be uncomfortable for some.

If you have a saltwater tank, make sure the filter of the aquarium you will have a "saltwater safe" label. Not respect this and get one that is not salt water will make sure filter when not in use.

Aquarium Cartridge Filters are best for large aquarium where wastes are often produced. This will increase the overall maintenance since you have to clean both the tank and the filter, but you will be rewarded with a better look and a flexible aquarium.

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