Carbon Filter

By · Monday, May 25th, 2009

Carbon Filter

Water is one of the most important basic needs of life. Water is the first created by the evaporation of seawater and other water bodies on earth. The process evaporation combined with distillation and condensation processes leading to formation of water droplets in clouds. When clouds become saturated with these drops water start to pour water into rain. As is known, this is the basic work of the water cycle on Earth. The water formed so that it is always pure.

Pure water can be defined as water that has very small amounts or not at all impurities. The process of water pollution begins as soon as the rain begins to cross below the clouds to land. The journey time is full of many types of impurities such as microbes, fungi, dust particles, chemical particles as the sulfur particles, carbon particles, nitrous oxide, particulates, etc. Finally, at the time the water that was originally pure, first place becomes heavily contaminated by the time it reaches the surface of the earth. This water has often been found to contain highly irritating and toxic substances such as sulphurous acid in areas where there is high air pollution by sulfur particles.

Now these toxic and contaminated water is definitely not is fit for consumption by humans. This requires the use of a powerful purification system to refine and purify the water before consumption. There are a myriad of ways which water can be purified. There are different methods available for purification, depending on whether it is national or for commercial purposes.

The most common means of purification and viable large amounts of water needed for household use is the method of water filter pitcher. This method pitcher water filter technology uses a very basic and simple filtration. The water is filtered is stored or held in a jar-shaped container installed on the side of water filter pitcher. Now the original water to be purified is allowed to get in this water is then passed through a carbon filter that strains of all impurities. The filtered water is collected in tension elsewhere in water filter pitcher.

Considering the pros and cons of this method of purification then become clear that the filter pitcher has a limited range of applicability and practical utility. This is due to the factor that the water contains a variety of impurities in it. The impurities can vary from bacterial or microbial impurities, which are producing or diseases harmful to life. Another type is the type of chemical impurities. Products chemicals themselves are of great variety. These chemicals are present in molecular forms. The method used in carbon filter water filter pitcher not enough to cover all different aspects of water purification. Therefore, this method has a very limited practical value. The advantages are that these filters have a cheap price.

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