Carbon Media

By · Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Carbon Media

KDF water filters have become the filters of choice due to its proven effective removal of contaminants, it is also inexpensive and has multiple applications. One advantage of the use of KDF water filters is that you are not sure of harmful chemicals used in the filtering process. It's just that you think KDF water filters when searching options Filteration water home.

Learn How KDF water filter

KDF which means Kinetic filters Fluxicon water degradation using a unique process called redox (oxidation / reduction). The structure of the pollutants are changed through electron transport between two channels, the channels are of different charges one positive and one negative.

Chemicals that are composed of atoms with positive charge are attracted to the media in the process of KDF water filter that has a negative charge, such as zinc, for example, while chemicals with atoms with a negative charge brought to the process media that has a positive charge, such as copper. Thus, when pollutants come into contact with the media KDF process, electrons are attracted and the composition of the contaminant is changed.

KDF water filter and the chemical process that allows substances used potentially harmful to transform into harmless substances that are soluble in water. As an example, transform KDF water filters chlorine through the redox process by eliminating of electrons then leave a harmless chloride chemical that is soluble in water.

What harmful chemicals KDF Filters can remove?

KDF water filter has 99% accuracy in eliminating harmful chemicals, including mercury, aluminum, iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic and lead. The filters also control algae, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms known scale that can be harmful to humans. This is possible because the process of redox electrolyte produces a field that kills most microorganisms.

The type of filter you need depends largely on the type of water quality needed to treat. Water filters come in KDF KDF-55 or KDF-85, each is a different mix of contaminants and you should consider this carefully when choosing the appropriate filter.

How Water Filters KDF used?

Both KDF-55 and KDF-85 water filters can be used as part of a water purification system or on his behalf. When used alone, KDF-55 and KDF-85 water filters are very effective in controlling of all water contaminants above.

When used in a part of a multiple filtration or purification system that helps not only in eliminating pollutants threaten the health but also helps in preventing the accumulation of chlorine that can shorten the life of your water filtration system substantially.

One of the most common uses KDF water filter is for showers. This is because KDF water filters to be effective at higher water temperatures and levels flow associated with showers.

This may sound strange that these filters are used for showers, after all, you can not feel your filtered water in the bathtub necessary. Why should we filter the bath water? Microorganisms are harmful and unhealthy impurities can enter your body by passing through pores that open during showers hot. KDF water filters to ensure that these chemicals and impurities are removed before they touch your skin and most importantly will ensure that your drinking water clean and healthy.

KDF shower filters, which have proved good quality filters are also very affordable. This makes it a very good option to consider to choose a reliable filter for your home. Another advantage of KDF shower filter is that it's friendly atmosphere, their materials are 100% recyclable and does not use any chemicals or synthetic additives that can pollute. Installing a KDF shower filter is a practical and healthy option for your home. offers brand name water filtration systems, shower filters, water bottles, replacement water filters, bottled waters and water accessories. is helping the world drink better water.

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