Cave Kit

By · Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Cave Kit
Cleaning out Yogert UGG's?

So yeah … I was in my car and I must have accidentally stepped on a container yogert strawberry and exploded around the outside of my beige Ugg Classic Short. I tried wiping off the excess yogert, but now (the morning after), there are lines dark at the top of the boot and the heel is a little pink, but not dark. I'm concidering to buy the cleaning kit but I know if I should cave and do it professionally cleaned.

How awful! I'm assuming it will be suede? I'm not sure what the different types of fibers used in its UGG footwear, as well suede … There are different types of kits can be purchased at the shoe store or wherever, however, if the yogurt has stained the surface of the shoe, it may be prudent to have a professional cleaning – especially if you really like them If stain can be removed I think you can always take them to the shoe store or dry cleaning and making stained a shade or two darker, if you really want to save them … Otherwise, if the cleaning is going to take more than the current cost of the boots themselves, I think I just buy a new pair. Good luck!

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