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By · Monday, November 30th, 2009

Check Valve

Solar pool heating is one of the best things you can do for your pool. It is also easy to implement, plus they are very cheap. In general, warming Solar pool is one of the best ways to save energy, and there are many benefits. The most obvious is the money saved on fuel costs, but also the total lack carbon emissions by using solar-heated pool.

Use the sun to heat your pool is one of the best uses of solar energy. The methods range from the very simple, it covers the homemade solar panels to heat flow. Both solar pool covers and solar panels are well within the capacity range of a particular do-it-yourselfer.

Solar Pool Covers

For starters, the installation of a solar pool cover will save a ton of money. Many pools are heated directly by the sun, and lose a lot of BTU's, when exposed. Evaporation steals heat rapidly to an outdoor pool, therefore, by simply adding a deck, you will save enormous amounts of energy.

There are many types of solar pool covers, ranging from plastic sheeting to roll electric systems are fully automated. Even a simple, manually operated cover will a dramatic impact on the retention of that precious heat in your pool.

A type of plastic that has been treated to resist deterioration due to sunlight is available in the form of something similar to bubble wrap. This is particularly efficient and cheaper. One drawback is that you must manually remove and replace. Furthermore, it is not hard many years as a pool cover more expensive.

Solar pool heating

In many climates, it is common to install a conventional gas heater or use a heat pump to heat a pool. Solar pool heaters are competitive with conventional systems over time. The solar system is simple and requires little maintenance, and should last for many years.

The functions of solar pool heaters using a pump to move water from the pool through a filter and then on the solar panels to distribute and collect the heat. This pool of hot water is pumped back into the pool, and the process is repeated continuously, or when necessary.

The system may also contain a check valve in order to prevent the solar panel when necessary. An example of this is when the temperature of the solar panels is not hot enough. The pool water is merely circulated directly back to the pool.

In very hot climates, may want to use solar panels at night to cool the pool water. Once the warm pool water is circulated through the cooling panels solar, cold water is returned to the pool. This represents a saving to the system pool solar heating.

Provided the weather stays above freezing, solar panels are no panes of glass. This reduces the cost and frequency is quite efficient for home use.

In climates that freezing temperatures of experience, you need the glass or glass coatings. These are more expensive than glazed panels, but often are more efficient. This efficiency is partly due to the heat exchangers and heat transfer fluids that are installed, they absorb more heat from the sun. The glass panels can also be used for home systems hot water.

There are many good reasons to use solar pool heating. The cost savings, reduced fuel consumption, carbon emission-free, a longer life than conventional systems, and the satisfaction of knowing you're doing something good for the land are just some of the benefits.

Jon Arnett and his company have been involved with energy saving programs for many years in such places as Alaska, Wisconsin, Norway and Croatia. Recently they constructed a passive and active solar heated villa in Croatia, which is beautiful and efficient at the same time (plus it is right on the Adriadic Sea). Check out their website: to help you in your quest for reducing your energy dependence. Find out how you can save money, save energy, and save the earth!

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