Christmas Moss

By · Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Christmas Moss
what plants are best for Pleco?

I have two little Pleco in my fish tank. I was looking to buy some live plants for them what kind are good to hide and eat??? Christmas Fern Java Moss Ect … ?? Thanks Ash …

Java Fern bad taste to fish, so fish do not eat them. Plecos generally do not eat plants. They may, however, eat Christmas Moss, Christmas Moss and Java Moss are good for hiding Beds inches larger plants such as Vallisneria, Cryptocornes, Anubias Swordplants largest and Amazon will do well in your tank and provide a lot of places to hide their Plecos. Not grow Java Fern large enough to be a good hiding place and is mainly used in the front or middle of the tanks of a plant more decorative to give life to tanks containing plant voracious herbivores as cichlids mbuna cichlids stool or severum. I highly recommend obtaining a CO2 pump and some foods Plant your plants. If you want to feed Plecos, use a small piece of iceberg lettuce, or something like cucumber or carrot. A company is of my favorite grapes, and mine worm also frozen. They also gnaw at any Bogwood in your tank as a dietary supplement, however, that no harm to a remarkable degree. Wish you and the your plants and fish from the best of luck with your tank.

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