Clam Live

By · Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Clam Live
I need a clam bake catering in Fort Lauderdale.?

I am planning a 70th birthday party of my father and I wish that was a clam baking. We live in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) area and would appreciate recommendations.

Go to Yahoo! home page, and click the Yellow Pages. Set the location in Ft. L, and do a search on caterers. With luck, you'll get a list. You can also go to a house fire in the area. Firefighters work 2 or 3 days, before they get a day off. They do their own cooking while in service. The cooks are often very good. Ask if anyone in the station Fire has pool parties, and organize the event with them. ***** Added info ***** Sorry, Mark. I was hoping you'd get a response from premises. I do not live in California, and can not help with details. But we do rely on Y! Yellow Pages. I entered my location and return to FT. Lauderdale, Florida. Then click the restaurants and catering. This is what happened to me. Http: / / / py / & & City = Fort + Lauderdale & state = FL & uzip = 33,301 & country = us & msa = 2680 & cs = 4 & ed = f0rloq1o2TzlHXiN3gFd_CVeDIBPxLAlB66oTkGOIebT & stp = y & stx = 7766831 Also did a search on this page for picnic caterers. That put me here. Http: / / / py / Stx = Clambake + catering & stp = a & tab = B2C & city = Fort + Lauderdale & state = FL & uzip = 33,301 & country = us & msa = 2680 & slt = 26.122189 & sln =- 80.143448 & cs = 4 & Submit = Search Not knowing to West Palm Beach is from Fort Lauderdale. But you can help. And the suggestion of the fire station? I once went to a company picnic. We hired a couple of firefighters out of the obligation to make a lunch of roast beef. He had covered the meat with mustard and kosher salt. It melts the salt pans, forming a protective layer over the beef. When you carve, you crack the coating, and slice. The coating seals all the natural juices of the meat in it. INCREDIBLE. And they were all parties to complement the roast. You can trust these guys if you can find one that can have a picnic. Good luck.

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