Cleaner Washer

By · Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Cleaner Washer
Can I use a pressure washer to clean my concrete pool floor?

I prepare my pool with a pressure washer then pool acid wash and paint the pool.

Realize that you will be taking a risk if you do this, you will save some money but the risk not only could justify it. If you do be careful, follow the advice of the person before me and keep the washer was quite low. As for the acid washing the pool … Do you know how to do this? It really can be dangerous. Make sure if you choose to have someone out there to see you and make sure you are well. In my opinion, poured acid vapors are more dangerous to, then the acid burns. If you get the acid just b calm and wash with the hose, but if you start having difficulty breathing out of the pool! You do not want to spend on an indoor pool with acid … My advice, if you are in Las Vegas or not is to find a reputable company to say about you.

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