Cleaning Magnet

By · Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Cleaning Magnet
How to improve gas mileage?

Any modern easy way to improve gas mileage. Proper tire pressure, injectors clean fuel magnet and less weight lines has already been tried

oo you get a free flow low restriction intake manifold and exhaust the engine will have less work to do to draw in the air because of Newton's first law of motion of a thing in motion will remain in the same direction unless that applies an external force so that the engine has to apply a force to turn the air into the intake manifold and intake manifold (work = force x distance) if the collector intake pipe is straighter and does not require a work force of less exhaust for better mileage have to do less work because it is less restrictive so it takes less force to force the exhaust valve and the intake manifold and free flow exhaust manifolds with less restriction will air to flow better so that more air can enter and leave more power

Hellraiser attacking cleaning magnet

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