Coated Glass

By · Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Coated Glass
Liquid crystal is sunscorched car paint look shiny again?

The clearcoat on my daughters through 98 has burned. It's not flake off, only seems to have disappeared from the roof and hood. All that is left exposed color layer. Liquid Glass is to display brighter and protect the paint of further deterioration. Or should I try a spraycans some clear coat? Any other suggestions, please – not worth it to repaint!

Take details to a store and see if you can wet sand and beige … rewax after her. Clearcoat is usually pretty thick and can be wetsanded or claybar-ed a couple of times before be carried through. Maybe look to have Scheib Maacah or make a repainting of the transparent layer in the affected areas ….. spray pump can not be as well.

Lotus Coating with Nano Glass

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