Coffee Table Fish

By · Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Coffee Table Fish
Coffee table aquariums are easy to maintain?

I want to make an aquarium coffee table and wondering if they are easy to maintain. I know you care Fish is tough, but in the world of fish is the same as caring for one who is a tank?

You mean the kind where the warehouse is the floor with a glass table on top of it? They are harder to maintain than a normal tank for a number of reasons, the biggest is that the deposit is on the floor instead of up on a stand. You also have to move a large, heavy and fragile piece of glass every time you want to do something in the tank. It also a little more difficult to see fish in the tank such that in a normal aquarium. This is the set along with the aquarium inside a lamp base and frame aquarium picture hanging on the wall, as the ideas that seem good at first, but not as great in practice. Oh, put the betta bowl that hangs from the ceiling in that group, too.

Cichlid Style Forums!! Coffee Table Fish Tank

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