Colony Live

By · Monday, September 7th, 2009

Colony Live

Genesee County, Michigan, has a lot of bats! They thrive in Flint, Fenton, Flushing, Grand Blanc and Davison.

Some people are afraid to death of bats. They influence many people right out. Even those of us who do not care to deal with the bats are entitled to an increase the pulse when you're flying around our room at 2:00 in the morning!

I am an expert in removing bats. I have taken bats living rooms, bedrooms, basements, kitchens, walls and attics. I work all hours of the day (and night!) And I've seen people move right away from home, because it is a bat flying around inside.

Unless a solitary bat accidentally flown into the house through an open door or window, is likely to be living in the walls or attic. Somehow it got confused, followed a stream of fresh air, and ended up in the house. As much as people try to convince that is the only bat that live in your home, the possibilities are very good that there is only one coming. As you probably know, bats are creatures friendly and usually live in colonies. A bat is not a colony!

Bats not good. They feed on insects and gazillions of mosquitoes each year. They belong on the outside of your home. If you find one in your home, you probably have to hire someone with experience in Bat Removal.

Some companies offer inspections free Bat control. Others charge for their time and expertise. I found that nobody takes the time to drive to his house, takes two hours doing a detailed inspection of all parts and the difference in your house, then do not make money somewhere. Free is not always in your best interest.

Company A charges a flat fee for inspections bat. Be inspected every inch of your home, inside and out. This takes considerable time and effort. When are giving you a report of information in all areas of your home being used by bats or are vulnerable to being used by bats. You know the exact damage has been done by bats. You know what to do to get rid of bats and sticks to keep away. You know what is recommended cleaning and health risks that may have been created. You will be advised on how to get rid of bats and what company charges for each service provided.

Company B agrees to give a free inspection. They get into your car and drive home. They take the time of day to give you. When they make it a again around the outside of the house. Rarely used an external staircase to really look for points of entry. Then he climbs into the attic. They find some bat guano and down and declare that you have a colony living there. They quote a price to get rid of bats. Most times these quotes are skyrocketing. If you obtain a recipient of every four inspections, which have made their money back to the inspection of all "free". Meanwhile, caught him with so great a price and are only familiar with the situation of bats that were before you have your quote.

Since you probably know, my company control wildlife costs of inspections bat. We guide homeowners through the process of removing bats and encourage them to save money by using our recommendations and their implementation. Sometimes the owners choose to do everything themselves and are delighted to guide each step of the road. Other times, owners want us to do all the work. Anyway, because of that we have provided detailed inspection, know that each room in their house, which will be sealed.

How bat houses is not rocket science. However, much work and takes time. If a bat has found its way into your home, call a professional, educated, and get the bats!

Jack Ammerman has been a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator for over ten years. He has been featured in articles in National Publications, the Flint Journal Newspaper and on television news reports in Genesee County Michigan. He owns and operates Advanced Wildlife Removal in Flint Michigan and is an advisor to in Genesee County Michigan.

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