Combo Pack

By · Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Combo Pack
I use a combo pack n play bassinet?

I have no children, but I do sometimes take care of my niece, her mom has to work late at night at times, and the father isn't close, so we offered to see the baby. I didn't want to buy a crib because the baby is small and wieghs less than 15 pounds. besides there are only a couple of times. No I bought one of the works package is combined with a changing station and bassinet. When I set the n gang Game cardboardy that came with a "fine" called mattress, I was wondering that is comfortable for the baby, or you can add a mattress in which if so Where can I buy one, one person told me not to add I do not know, also at night I use a blanket and pillow that someone also told me not too but what if it's cold.

In fact, you should not change the mattress that comes with the cradle. Especially when the baby is less than a year old. Could be a choking hazard if you put something too soft or not the right size there. You can use a blanket, but no pillows. It is best to dress your baby in a warm bed, then you do not need heavy blankets. If you are putting your baby to sleep in that kind of crib, you can use a small pillow. Good luck.

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