Commercial Grade

By · Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Commercial Grade

Blast Zone is a leading manufacturer of inflatable houses. While Blast Zone makes commercial and residential quality products, most products fall into the category residential. This means that products intended for children under age 12 and up to 100 pounds. Blast Zone has been successful because they have innovative products quality and proper price points. The quality of your customers receive far exceeds the competition when price is discussed in price points. Several retailers that I spoke at Regarding Blast Zone kept coming back to a word with respect to that mark. "Value". That said, this is the first of a series of comments I make the examination of the actual products.

Superstar is one of the doormen moonwalk selling in the market. Its 11 'x 11 plants rebound allows a maximum of 5 children (under 100 pounds. Every one) to play at the same time. With the ground like a big bounce, as I am concerned that the global footprint would be great for a mother like my car to drive. What is unique is the design maximizes the area of rebound in the real trace. The exterior dimensions went on the 12 'x 12' square for the goalkeeper and then 3 'x 3 ', where the area of the slide is. Do not forget that you need to have a security zone that not only take account of the royal house of bounce, but the fan and blow pipes. I contacted Blast area and customer service representative I spoke recommends an area of 15 'x 20' to the superstar. While we are in dimensions, one of my favorite features of the bounce house was the fact that only 7 feet high so it fits inside on rainy days and cold.

While the jump area is a big selling point, this is loaded with standard features inflatable gorilla you'll find in each explosion Zone Bounce House. Standard features include:

Now that you have the technical background information on the superstar, here is how it performs.

Ships gorillas in a box weighing approximately 65 pounds. Inside the Box was the unit itself, a repair kit, storage bag, stakes, carrying case and fan blades. After unpacking the moonwalk, it proceeded to set it up. I was able to take home the rebound for me and my son had the fan. Once rolled it out and remove the packing tissue of the drive that the fan attached. At first forgot to close the second fixing tube (used to deflate fast) so that air was not contained. After closing the second tube is inflated in less one minute. My son is 3 years but no children in the neighborhood ranging from 3 years to 9 years old. There were up to 5 children playing in her time at a given time. My concern security was the initial five children jumping at the same time. With the surface of the great leap, the children had plenty of room to do his own thing. While my son and children Smaller than a ton of fun, I was really impressed at how older children not to leave. In reviews of inflatable others had other activities such as ball pools and slides, older children become bored quickly. This was not the case.

In summary, this is one of the best houses inflatable on the market. The quality is outstanding. Bright, vivid colors make it attractive. As a parent, had all the safety features for me to relax. As for children not wanted out. I would recommend this product for families with children of all ages. The wide variety allows open floor bounce is a guard of young children can grow in older children and yet can have fun. Very impressed.

Jennifer is freelance copywriter. For more information on a Superstar Bounce House by Blast Zone, visit Bounce Houses Now.

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