Compact Fluorescent

By · Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Compact Fluorescent
What is your opinion about compact fluorescent light bulbs?

My roommate and I disagree on the use of fluorescent lamps compact in our house. She is completely for them, and I am completely against them. I notice that I am sensitive to the use of fluorescent lighting (gives me pain head, I'm tired, etc), and only cares about the money you save. Do you use these bulbs actually reduce the amount of the electricity bill for an amount significant? Is there anyone else out there sensitive to compact fluorescent lamps?

save an incredible amount. I changed the 27 bulbs light incandescent in my house to compact fluoro. I have flown many lighht incandescent light bulbs in the house of mny, and have not flown a single CF. you get different color temperatures in the CF, the bright white is very artificial, and may be the type that causes headaches, but if you get warm white CF, it is much natural light lookin very similar to CF. CFL 10W which are used, replacing 80W bulbs, so obviously it cost 1 / 8 of the amount to run, for 27 light bulbs, which is a big difference. I've heard discuss the sensitivity to fluoro tubes, but never to CFL, but if you have a negative reaction to them, I think it's very obvious to not using them, I would suggest testing different colored balloons in a room to see how it affects you.

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