Complete Kit

By · Monday, August 10th, 2009

Complete Kit
Where can I get an Irish fisherman knit Aran sweater kit complete with patterns and knitting needles?

Shannon (airport) imports Irish have been used for some years ago in its catalog. I tried other catalog sites in Ireland, but could not find it. It came in two colors: natural and dark shadow.

I'm not familiar with sweater kits including knitting needles. The kits I've only seen that include needles are mostly for beginners. One reason would be that each weaver to have your meter / tension when knitting. Another is that weavers have their own preferences knitting needle (straight, circular, metal, bamboo, etc.).'d rather build my own computer, so you can choose the yarn and pattern. Some books with sweater patterns are: "The Knitting New Classics: 60 exquisite sweaters from the studios of Classic Elite "by Kristin Nicholas" Arans Celtics: The Best of Knitter's Magazine "by Kathy Zimmerman Here are some of the kits that are sold (pattern and yarn):

Sigma Brush Review: Professional Brushes Complete Kit

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