Coral Salt

By · Friday, December 4th, 2009

Coral Salt
how small could make a saltwater aquarium?

I'm thinking of making a small saltwater aquarium with one or two small pieces of coral, and perhaps rocks, with a few saltwater tropical fish. possibly a blue neon goby?. I know of freshwater fish as I have a tank maintenance already, but do not know much about saltwater fish. I can advise:)?

Well, that "could" and then there "should." The smaller the tank, the more difficult they are to maintain and conserve water temperature and water chemistry stable. I seem photos of Peak deposits of less gallon with corals and small invertebrates such as snails and hermit crabs (no fish). The smallest I've tried presonally was 2.5 liters quarantine in which housed some corals, a hermit crab years, an emerald crab, and two peppermint shrimp for about a month before moving on to a tank larger. However, I must mention that it was about 4 years of experience in salt water before I tried this – my previous baby had been 10 gallons. My first tank was 29 gallons, and was much easier to care. If you have no experience with salt water, I would encourage you to do a lot research before trying to configure it. If you want a "few" fish, I would look at a 29 (preferable) or 20 gallons to start. The "long" tank has more "floor space, it is not as high as the traditional 20-liter, so this gives you room more fish to establish territories. Also suggest a good book on saltwater aquariums – two that I found very helpful when she was first heading were the New Marine Aquarium by Michael S. Paletta. Microcosm Ltd. ISBN 1-890087-52-1 or conscientious aquarist Marina by Robert M. Fenner. Microcosm Ltd. ISBN 1-890087-02-5 Some websites may also be helpful: http://www CLS. / index.cfm? = 16 A blue neon goby engineer, a clown goby, firefish / Dartfish Yellowhead Jawfish or an ocellaris clown all would be suitable for a tank at least 20 gallons, and you could receive a second clown, sea bream or if you had a 29 per gallon. Note that just because I say that these fish are suitable for a tank that size does not mean that all of them at once – 2-3 fish in a 20 long and 3-4 in the 29 is enough. Saltwater fish are territorial, so they can not crowd together, especially once they mature.

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