Cryptocoryne Wendtii

By · Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Cryptocoryne Wendtii

The Oscar fish comes from South America and is also known as the Walnut Cichlid, Velvet Cichlid Peacock Cichlid or. His "Latin name is Astronotus ocellatus and can grow quite large in size between 12 and 16 inches. They can also live up to 12 years if given good care.

The best water temperature Oscar for fish should be between 74 bis ° F and 81st ° F and must be enough space for fish, because they can grow so much.

The Oscar fish is a fish quite dirty general, and so it is vital to keep the tank clean. Smaller filters weekly changes of 10% to 15% water change is good and often are used as various can be changed at different times and not all at once.

Like most cichlids, Oscar likes to hide the areas that used piles of stones or shells Coconut can be very beneficial to fish. Aquatic plants can also provide some areas underground. The Oscar fish like the restructuring of its deposit unless you do not mind moving around all that is good to use heavier objects. Be careful of sharp edges, although, as can be harmful to fish.

The Oscar fish is mainly carnivorous and should be the food supply with a good amount of protein. Live brine shrimp, mosquito larvae or crickets are good and can be supplemented with frozen fruit, although Artemia tend to lose a lot of protein if frozen. Pellets and flakes also can be used to fish but do not really need to be fed more than once a day. Because they have such short attention that they forget they have eaten and will be happy to try and appear to be starving. View of aquatic plants can also provide the microorganisms to fish.

Oscar fish usually best kept, but only can be kept with other large cichlids of South America. Fish that are neither too aggressive nor too passive are the best. Whenever the research well blended fish if a fish to be too aggressive.

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