Danner Mag

By · Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Danner Mag
Danner Mag 7 or Mag 5 for return pump?

Hello I am creating a new reef tank and can not decide which pump to purchase. I have a 29 gal for display and a 20 gal (long) down the drain. I drilled the tank and sump with 3 / 4''ID bulk heads. I put in a MAG 7, that produces 450 GPH @ 4ft. but I do not know if my 3 / 4 "ID tubing can be controlled much overflowing back into the crankcase. Moreover MAG 5 produces 310 GPH @ 4ft. that probably work I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. Do you think the MAG 7 work or should play it safe a bit with the keywords 5 MAG: water sump SPS coral sea salt refugium LPS lighting algae snails clams macroinvertebrates

I was on a 5 to review on the safe side. overflow always coincide with the pump unless the pump can flow more floodwater can handle. In this case, the tank will overflow as much water is pumped into the tank. The sink never will overflow even if the pump is a low score. The overflow is somehow adjusted to the pump.

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