Decorations Aquarium

By · Monday, October 19th, 2009

Decorations Aquarium
Slimey aquarium decorations?

This question is just out of curiosity, my tank (10 liters) and fish (neons only) are perfectly fine. Each Once I clean my aquarium when I play some of the rocks, fake plants or decorations feel like a cloak Slimey. This layer is usually easily cleared. It is green or anything, no colors, no nothing. Could it be the dechlorinator? What exactly is this layer Slimey? Is it organic, alive? Oh, and all the links or information or personal experience is appreciated, thanks in advance:) if algae, algae eater would be a little help?

The slime of algae that you feel is more likely. If left long enough it starts to turn green or brown. You are receiving it in the early stages where it is easy to clean. I doubt its of the dechlor unless you are using too. EDIT: No, I do not suggest an algae eater. Either too big or too aggressive. You could try a school Otocinclus, But the best would be to try some live plants. They compete with algae for nutrients also add a lot of tanks. The filters, oxygen, and can very nice.

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